Bugfix – 2022-02-01


Whitemoon hat ein weiteren Bugfix released welcher automatisch beim Start runtergeladen wird

Implemented: February 1st, 2022 at 4PM CET

*The client will automatically download the update when restarted, so we recommend restarting it.

  • Platinum boxes can no longer be dropped.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of mana and stamina usage in skill descriptions – the amounts in the descriptions were too high.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to lose their teleportation scrolls after they used them in the wrong zone. The scroll will now correctly return to the backpack.
  • Fixed an error with premium lottery – it worked once per account instead once per premium.
  • Fixed the clickable area in guild deposits.
  • Changed the NPC for the task Raglite – it’s now given by Turvill. The task has also been removed from Zohar’s dialogue.
  • The quest Curing Neilin has been removed from exploration, because it’s a bonus quest available only under special conditions. The quest Pet Collar has also been removed from the tab.
  • Made the description of the task Wolf Hunt clearer.
  • You no longer need to complete Adair’s Locket to be able to buy Script of Attention.
  • The Giants Cave was missing one mushroom – we planted it back.
  • Fixed the description of the Heal pet option in guild cages – the price shown was incorrect.
  • Added descriptions for temple buffs and teleport locations.
  • The number of potions bought in shops is now displayed.
  • Fixed several miscellaneous bugs and typos.

Graphical improvements:

  • The item Key should now have the correct image.
  • Added some NPC avatars (Josef, Hogstron, Innkeeper, Garsum).
  • Added new combat backgrounds for all locations under the Frozen Lake.
  • Miscellaneous visual fixes in quest maps and instances.
  • Updates the model of the Dragon Priest.

Quest fixes:

  • Added a clear message on how to get out of the instance in the quest Speck of Honor in the stage with the fight against the Specters. We also lowered the difficulty of the Specters.
  • In the quest Crossing the Cross-Spider, plox will now run correctly during the first meeting, the spot to place the bait is now better visible, you can now teleport to the quest instance when speaking with Johkabal in the swamp in the last stage.
  • Fixed the stage with guarding the exit in the quest Anmenial’s Treasure – players will no longer be able to leave the instance by mistake.
  • The barrels in the quest Femme Fatale can no longer be dropped. The models of Specters in the fight against Regina are now correct.
  • Added a missing passage to the bridge in the quest High Seas that makes it possible to return to the instance.
  • The Chieftain’s party will no longer grant psychoexp in the quest Bloody Courtship.

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